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To be directed to the parent website of any particular program of your choosing, simply click on the name of the show of your choice to visit that show's homepage.

Being an AM station, KBCL is required to sign off each day at sunset.  As the seasons change, sign off times fluctuate, but programming can be continued till midnight on stream at the Listen Live  section of this website.


6:00 a.m.     Morning Devotional     Jim Brackman            

6:03 a.m.     Renewing Your Mind     R.C. Sproul                     

6:30 a.m.     Precepts For Life     Kay Arthur                      

6:55 a.m.     Mission Network News                                      

7:00 a.m.     Focus On The Family     Jim Daly                    

7:30 a.m.     In Touch     Charles Stanley                              

8:00 a.m.     Grace to You     John MacArthur                    

8:30 a.m.     Love Worth Finding     Adrian Rogers            

9:00 a.m.     Just Thinking     Ravi Zacharias                      

9:15 a.m.     Key Life     Steve Brown

9:30 a.m.     Family Life Today     Dennis Rainey

10:00 a.m.    Family Talk      James Dobson

10:30 a.m.    Revive our Hearts     Nancy Leigh DeMoss

11:00 a.m.     Walk in the Word     James MacDonald

11:30 a.m.     Wallbuilders Live     David Barton

12:00 p.m.     Insight for Living     Charles Swindoll

12:30 p.m.     Turning Point     David Jeremiah

1:00 p.m.      The Dave Ramsey Show    Dave Ramsey

4:00 p.m.     Just Thinking     Ravi Zacharias

4:15 p.m.      Barnabas Center Ministries     Jim Brackman

4:30 p.m.     Focus On The Family     Jim Daly

5:00 p.m.     Urban Alternative     Tony Evans  

5:30 p.m.     KBCL Sign Off - Streaming Continues

5:30 p.m.     Renewing your Mind     R.C. Sproul   

6:00 p.m.     Grace To You     John MacArthur

6:30 p.m.     Family Life Today     Dennis Rainey

7:00 p.m.     Revive Our Hearts     Nancy Leigh DeMoss

7:30 p.m.     In Touch     Charles Stanley

8:00 p.m.    Washington Watch       Tony Perkins

9:00 p.m.    Wallbuilders Live       David Barton

9:30 p.m.    Love Worth Finding     Adrian Rogers

10:00 p.m.  Walk In The Word      James MacDonald

10:30 p.m.  Turning Point     David Jeremiah

11:00 p.m.  Just Thinking      Ravi Zacharias

11:15 p.m.   Barnabas Center Ministries   Jim Brackman

11:30 p.m.  Urban Alternative      Tony Evans

12:00 a.m.   Sign Off                                                                 


6:00 a.m.     Renewing your Mind     R.C. Sproul

6:30 a.m.     Precepts for Life    Kay Arthur

7:00 a.m.     Focus on the Family     Jim Daly

7:30 a.m.      Grace to You    John MacArthur

8:00 a.m.     Christian Worldview     David Wheaton

9:00 a.m.     Washington Watch Daily  (Friday's Program)     Tony Perkins

10:00 a.m.     Family Talk    James Dobson

10:30 a.m.    Family Life    Dennis Rainey

11:00 p.m.    Focus on the Family    Jim Daly

11:30 p.m.     WallBuilders    David Barton and Steve Green

12:00 p.m.    Washington Watch Weekly    Tony Perkins     

12:30 p.m.     Walk in the Word   James MacDonald

1:00 p.m.       Urban Alternative    Tony Evans   

1:30 p.m.       In Touch    Charles Stanley  

2:00 p.m.     Focus On The Family Radio Theatre    

2:30 p.m.     Ranger Bill     

3:00 p.m.     Adventures In Odyssey    

3:30 p.m.     Let My People Think     Ravi Zacharias   

4:00 p.m.    Voice of the Martyrs    Todd Nettleton

4:30 p.m.     Road To Reality     K. P. Yohannan

5:00 p.m.    The Dave Ramsey Show     Dave Ramsey

5:30 p.m.    Broadcasting Sign Off - Streaming Continues

5:30 p.m.     The Dave Ramsey Show    Dave Ramsey

7:00 p.m.     Moody Radio Theatre

7:30 p.m.     Adventures in Odysey

8:00 p.m.     Grace to You     John MacArthur

8:30 p.m.     Road To Reality     K.P. Yohannan

9:00 p.m.     Washington Watch     Tony Perkins

9:30 p.m.     Let My People Think     Ravi Zacharias

10:00 p.m.  The Dave Ramsey Show    Dave Ramsey

12:00 a.m.     Sign Off


6:00 a.m.     Grace To You     John MacArthur                        

6:30 a.m.     Breakpoint This Week     Eric Metaxas

7:00 a.m.     Love Worth Finding     Adrian Rogers

7:30 a.m.     Family Life Today     Dennis Rainey

8:00 a.m.     Let My People Think     Ravi Zacharias

8:30 a.m.     In Touch     Charles Stanley

9:00 a.m.     Focus On The Family Weekend     Jim Daly

10:00 a.m.    The First Word     First Baptist Bossier

11:00 a.m.     Turning Point Weekend     David Jeremiah

11:30 a.m.     Precepts For Life     Kay Arthur

12:00 p.m.    Washington Watch Weekly     Tony Perkins

12:30 p.m.     The Christian Worldview     David Wheaton

1:30 p.m.     Unshackled     Pacific Garden Mission

2:00 p.m.     Ranger Bill     Moody Radio

2:30 p.m.     Adventures In Odyssey     

3:00 p.m.     Focus On The Family Radio Theatre

3:30 p.m.     Focus On The Family Weekend     Jim Daly

4:30 p.m.     In Touch                 Charles Stanley

5:00 p.m.     Road To Reality      K.P. Yohannan

5:30 p.m.    Broadcasting Sign Off - Streaming Continues

5:30 p.m.     Grace To You           John MacArthur

6:00 p.m.     Love Worth Finding      Adrian Rogers

6:30 p.m.     BreakPoint This Week     Eric Metaxas

7:00 p.m.     Let My People Think       Ravi Zacharias

7:30 p.m.     Washington Watch Weekly      Tony Perkins

8:30 p.m.     First Word      First Baptist  Bossier

9:30 p.m.    The Christian Worldview    David Wheaton

10:30 p.m.   Precepts for Life    Kay Arthur

11:00 p.m.    Adventures in Odysey

11:30 p.m.    Unshackled

12:00 a.m.   Streaming Sign Off